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Our First Day Back to School

All the fearing and stressing and pondering has been in vain! Whoopee! Our first day back to class went superbly well!

We began with a petition that God would favor our day and help us tune in and realize what He needed us to. At that point we did our "vow of loyalty" to the American Flag and the Christian Flag. We don't claim those two banners yet, so I discovered pictures of them on the web and had the children say their vows to the PC picture!

After that we as a whole sat down at the "school" table and begun on Bible. The most established, a third grader, went off to do her own book work, while the three more youthful ones did a "classroom" style period. The most youthful two tuned in on the story parcel and orally addressed inquiries, while the second grader recorded his answers and after that did some additional work after the more youthful two were expelled.

I'm supposing I like this style a great deal. I feel like to a greater extent a family doing it along these lines, as opposed to instructing each of them independently. Indeed, even with dialect, we began all together playing with playdough and making letters and things that begin with those letters. At that point we isolated off into fitting evaluation levels with book work.

I do need to concede, this was and is the most tumultuous piece of the day since each of the four children are doing their own books all in the meantime. I may need to adjust this a bit in the coming weeks. After dialect was done, we took a little nibble break. Nothing enormous, however enough to hold those ravenous midsections under control until lunch moved around.

We then began math, which likewise is somewhat chaotic, however possible since a great deal of math is autonomous work on expansion and subtraction issues. The children completed their math in a lot of time for lunch and even had a little time to play before I had got done with setting it up. We appreciated a relaxed lunch, realizing that there were just a couple subjects left to finish for the day.

The more seasoned two had History and Geography, Science, and Greek after lunch. They completed these before long and afterward did their errands before we took off to my folks' home for a Labor Day festivity supper!

All things considered in was an awesome day and an incredible approach to begin our self-teach year! I'm so glad to be once more into it!

I'd love to find out about your "first day back to class"! Enlighten me regarding it in the remark box underneath!

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